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Who didn’t dislike the rapid movement of life ?
Which world in the passage stands for worship ?
Where did the author see a play in which a corn-merchant was the chief character ?
In this lesson, the narrator talks about how he advises everybody what they should do to protect the :
The narrator told Mr Williams not to burn leaves as it is …… for the air and ecology.
Jim asked Ms Greene to keep the old newspapers for the school-going children who …… them. ?
It is hard to get people to work for …
This lesson is about true friendship between a human being and a/an :
Gillu favourite food was:
The narrator liked to believe that on some ……… day. Gillu would come back to life as a small Juhi Power
The cinema ……. in various measures the function of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor.
What our cinema need above everything else is a style, an idiom, a sort of ……… of cinema which would be uniquely and recognisably Indian
In which of the following international film festival Satyajit Ray received award ?
When the narrator sat down to write, Gill wanted to catch her:
Give the meaning of amazing ?
What was everyone’s remark about the wounded squirrel?
According to the poet, health and virtue can be found
The villagers can do very well without the …… lights of the town.
The poet calls things like health and virtue :
William Cowper may he said to be giving in his poemsa forestaste of the poetry of ….. ?

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