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1. What is there on the cliff ?
2. Vidyapati was born in
3. What did she see which was amazing ?
4. Who is the poet of the poem, “The Sleeping Porier”?
5. Who is ‘He’in the first line ?
6. Jim’s mother told him that he used up ….. by watching television all the time.
7. It is hard to get people to work for …
8. The porter’s son shivered with cold and was
9. In this lesson, the narrator talks about how he advises everybody what they should do to protect the:
10. Vidyapati’s poems are about Radha and
11. Who is crying?
12. At the end of the poem, the porter is in deep
13. Radha, each day, grows thinner, thinner than ……………… in the sky
14. This lesson is about true friendship between a human being and a /an :
15. Who is the author of the article “Acceptance Speech’?
16. Who is challenging the mountain ?
17. The porter was going up a
18. Who is Madhava?
19. Jim asked Ms Greene to keep the old newspapers for the school-going children who …… them.
20. When was Aung San Suu Kyi born ?

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