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1. To whom does Radha’s friend make a report?
2. The happy man is content to live in his own
3. “Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread’, here ‘bread: means.
4. Alexander Pope was born in-
5. Meditation ……………… the happy man.
6. Originally Vidyapati is a ……………… poet.
7. Ode on Solitude’ is written by..
8. How does the poet, Alexander Pope, want to live?
9. Who is Madhava?
10. Who is crying?
11. Who was one of the greatest poet-satirist and also a critic of the early 18th century?
12. Vidyapati’s poems are about Radha and
13. What do you mean by ‘slide soft away’?
14. Radha’s friend goes to Krishna
15. “Loneliness’ is same in meaning as
16. Radha’s friends were …………….. about her.
17. ‘Essay on Criticism’ is the famous work of
18. “Steal from the world, and not a stone’-here stone means
19. What does the Poet wish ?
20. What do the trees yield to a person in summer ?

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