BSEB 10th English me and the ecology bit subjective question

B.1 . Write ‘ T ‘ for True and ‘ F ‘ for False of the following

  1. People easily get convinced by Jim . [ F ]

 2 . He used paper route to convice the people . [ T ]

 3 . He gives suggestions on ecology free of cost . [ T ]

4 . Mr. Williams was at his house . [ T ]

  1. People listend to Jim gladly for he was an eco – friendly boy . [ F ]


 B.1.2 . Answer the following questions very briefly .

  1. 1. What is a compost pit ?

 Ans . This is a pit where compost manure is made .


  1. 2. What does Mr. Williams mean by nose pollution ?

 Ans . Actually when leaves , garbage and other stuff are dumped in a pit it starts decomposing which emits foul smell . Mr. Williams uses the phrase nose pollution to explain regarding the emission of foul smell from the pit after decomposition of the material dumped inside the pit .


  1. 3. Why is burning of leaves bad for air ?

Ans – The burning of leaves creates smoke . The smoke carbon which is acidic This pollutes the air and thereby pollutes the atmosphere.

 B.2 . Answer the following questions very briefly :

  1. 1. What happens when the narrator calls Ms. Greene as Mrs. Greene ?

Ans – When the narrator calls her Mrs. Greene , she says she does not have change to pay and thus avoids payment . is

  1. 2. What does the narrator do on Saturdays and Sundays ?

 Ans- On Saturdays , the narrator puts in a good work for ecology . It is a good collecting day and it is easier to meet people on that day being week and holidays .

  1. 3. Which animal messes up Mrs. Greene yard ?

Ans – It is the dog of the narrator who is alleged to have messed up with the yard of Mrs. Greene . Q.4 . Why does the narrator ask Mrs. Greene to save paper and aluminium cans ? agree Ans . The narrator advises Mrs. Greene to save papers for the school pick up and those can be recycled into new paper . In the same way the aluminium cans can be converted into metal for reuse .

  1. 5. Did the narrator succeed in getting Mrs. Greene do something about ecology ?

Ans . The narrator failed to persuade Mrs. Greene to do something about ecology . He says , he gets tired of trying to get Mrs. Greene to do something about ecology .


B.2 . Answer the following questions very briefly :

  1. 1. How many blocks away was the post office from Mr. Johnson’s house ?

Ans – It was only two blocks away from Mr. Johnsons house .

  1. 2. What form of electricity did the narrator use ?

Ans . He used to watch T.V. and through this was consuming electricity .

  1. 3. Why did Mr. Johnson think that the narrator did not follow the principle of walking ?

Ans . Mr. Johnson felt that the narrator himself was using his motorbike and show mobile in summer and winter months and thereby was wasting fuel and at the same time making noise pollution  Q. 4. Did the narrator enjoy talking about ecology ?

Ans . No , the narrator did not enjoy talking about ecology . He says it is very boring job and feels nobody listens to him.

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